Fly in California

for Flight Training and Recreation

Recreational Flying in California

California is a great place for flying scenic tours. Starting from the San Francisco Bay Area, we have a wealth of choices of fly-in locations for lunch, daytrips and longer overnight stopovers. The ocean, wine-country and the mountains are all well within reach for easy flying, and the network of small, general aviation airports makes it easy and affordable. Some airports have a restaurant on site, others are walkable distance from town, or there is usually a car for rent to explore more widely.

>> Popular Fly-in Destinations in California

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Airplane Rental

All our airplanes are available for cross-country flights. Checkout is required, and additional training may be necessary, especially for mountain flying. Some airplanes are GPS equipped, or we can rent you a portable Garmin 296. We also have a SPOT emergency beacon and tracker for rent, with the added benefit of a permanent Google Earth tracking file you can show your friends. Ask us about them!

Longer Rentals

Overnight rentals are also available - must book in advance. Checkout still applies. We have a minimum rental of 2 hrs per day for Monday-Thursday and 3hrs for Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. So for example if you rent for a week, leaving on Monday morning and coming back on Sunday late or Monday morning, you would be expected to pay for at least 17 hrs - 4x2hrs plus 3x3hrs.