Fly in California

for Flight Training and Recreation

Flight Training

California is a great place to learn to fly! For a start, the weather is generally good for flying year-round, with only the odd day of down-time during winter. You can continue your pilot training at extremely affordable rates, significantly less than in Europe, for example, especially now, with the weak dollar! Airplane rental rates are low, and fuel is half the cost it is in Europe. And with California's extensive range of small airports and minimal landing fees, you can have fun exploring this beautiful State while you work on building your piloting skills. Come fly in California!

We have been providing the finest in flight training since 1960. We pride ourselves in teaching students the art of flying safely and proficiently. Learning to fly in a taildragger will make you a more proficient pilot and help you fly any kind of airplane better. Our instructors are all experienced pilots dedicated to building pilots and not time. We're here for the love of flying and passing that passion on to our students. Many of our students have gone on to successful careers as aviators from airline pilots to airshow performers.

In addition to the basic private pilot and sport pilot flight training, we also specialize in taildragger conversions, aerobatics, mountain flying, instructor, commercial ratings and multi-engine training.

More details on our flight training program, including Ground School are available on the AeroDynamic Aviation website.