Fly in California

for Flight Training and Recreation

Come Fly in California!

California has great flying conditions all year round, and whatever your level of piloting experience, we can help you improve your skills, and have fun while doing it!

Pilots from European countries and from Canada will find that airplane rental rates and fuel costs in California are much more reasonable than at home! You can afford to build hours and experience, as you visit the many general aviation airports, most of which charge no landing fees.

Explore the beautiful scenery and enjoy flying in California! Of course there are also the neigbouring states of Arizona, Nevada and Oregon to visit, and flights even further afield are possible.

We provide help with the FAA Requirements for non-U.S. pilots wishing to take flight training in California, or to fly scenic tours while in vacation. Converting your pilot certificate for flying in the U.S. is easy, but takes planning ahead of time, and we have experience in guiding pilots through the process. And all those hours will count on your country's license when you return home!

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Come fly in California with AeroDynamic Aviation. We are located on Reid Hillview Airport in San Jose, at the south end of the beautiful San Francisco Bay.